Mental Wellness in the Workplace Seminar

One ALGON Place Foundation, Inc.  With its numerous community-based programs are now ready to be of service to your prestigious company.  Our program is embodied with the foundation’s mission of understanding each individual’s biological, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

TOAPFI , with its social skills activities aims to achieve the advancement of an individual through their skills, coping and learning to reach the ultimate goal of achieving emotional stability and mental health wellness.

The trainings consist of practices that can be applied by an individual in their home, in the school, and community. 

Corporate Seminars

  1.  Supervisory Skills Enhancement

 Develop and refine effective management skills to strengthen the present and build for the future.

  2.  Stress/Anger Management

 The course is intended to assist students to increase their awareness on stressors. The course provides a broad physical, social, and psychological understanding of the human stress response.

 The focus is on presenting a broad background of stress research and on providing a practical application of relaxation techniques.

  3.  Emotional Quotient in the Workplace

   Develop the understanding of "EQ" and importance to Organization Performance. Evaluate Individual's own EQ and regulate their emotions constructively. Recognize their emotions and the effect these have on themselves and others develop social skills to manage relationship with others. Develop a strong sense of one's self worth and capabilities. Learn how the EQ framework could be used to enhance leadership capabilities, team effectiveness and individual development.

 4.  Substance Abuse in the Workplace

   To help improve the health, safety and quality of life for all the company workers to make them productive and effcient. 

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  • Date post: 15 Dec, 2016
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